Friday, July 13, 2012

My Core iPad Apps for Next Year...

Drop Box:
  • Filing Sharing App that will allow students to quickly view .pdfs for class.
  • A note taking app that allows handwriting and typing and best of all the merging of .pdfs.
  • A whiteboard app that will allow student to create their own screencasts.
You Tube: (not really an app, but in the core)
  • Where I will house my Screen Casts.
  • My educator account will allow my students to acces my bookmarked math web resouces, make highlights and comments on sticky notes that will be accessible to our class.
Twitter/Hoot Suite:
  • I will be using Twitter for professional purposes to connect with teachers from around the world and close to home. Hoot Suite is nice as it allows for monitoring of multiple Twitter Feeds such as #edchat, #cpchat, #autism, etc.

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