Monday, September 3, 2012

New to Twitter?

Halcyon Beach in Maine
September 3, 2012

Several teachers said to me they could never keep up with the sheer volume of Tweets in #edchat or just from the few people they follow.  I tried to reassure them that you pick and choose what seems interesting, and reading a few new articles a week on PLCs, Literacy Blocks, or the achivement gap is better than not doing it at all.  Start slow.  When you see something that is of interest just retweet is so your followers will have a chance to read the same thing.

Remember, @username in a Tweet is a way of including a specific person in your Tweet. Like sending them a public direct message.   #edchat or #bhsbucs is a way to allow people who share a common interest to sort similar messages.  If you search #yolo, you will get all the people in the world who wrote the phrase #yolo in their message.  If you search #mrmorrisseymath it will probably yield nothing.  

ReTweeting is an easy way to forward a message that you like onto your followers.

This is a basic introduction.  Check out for all you need to know about Twitter.

My advice:
Follow #edchat and a few people who are already using Twitter regularly.  You don't need to check in every day.  


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