Thursday, October 25, 2012

Algebra II (4) Assessment Reflection #2

October 20, 2012
Linear Equations Test

The average for my two classes was 86% with a median of 91%.  There were 5 perfect scores.  I have to share with you the picture below of how a student used highlighters to organize a graphing problem.  Highlighting can be really helpful in math, and I know many students are using Notability and its array of colors and highlighters effectively.

This work is absolutely marvelous.  If I could put a sticker on this blog post I would! :)

Some comments on the test....

  1. When graphing a line, some students are still not connecting the dots.  
  2. When asked to graph, you can always plot points if you don't know what the graph should look like.  Remember I suggest starting with -1, 0 and 1.  
  3. Finding the vertex of absolute value graphs still seems tough for some.  
  4. What is the y intercept of the equation y=2x?  This was number one of the test. 
  5. What is zero times any number?  
  6. I think even graphing y=-x is challenging still for some students.  What is the slope? What is the y-intercept?
Now take a look at the Assessment Data and compare your test with how our two classes did. 

In red below we have the Line of Best fit (#1), the piecewise function graph (#9), and the 3 skills checks that were meant to be a reteaching from the last quiz.  All of these will likely come again. We'll review in class, but you may need some additional practice with me, say in X block, to make sure you understand these fundamental skills.  

My Best, 

Mr. Morrissey

Algebra II (4) Equations of Lines Assessment Data and Reflection

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