Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Algebra II Textbook Sequence

Parents and Students,

With any big change (iPads and my homework videos), I know I will need to keep in communication with parents. Teaching with iPads is a big change for me, and the continuation of Flipped Videos from last year makes this year all the more exciting and at the same time challenging.  I am hopeful this blog is a way to keep us all on the same page in terms of what is going on in Algebra II.  It is a page I am hopeful you may visit every now and again.

So far this year we've had a mix of videos and notes. Ask your son or daughter.  When we begin Ch. 3 (Linear Systems) class will begin to seem more standard with one topic per day. Ch. 1 is a lot of review, and Ch. 2 is about slopes, intercepts, absolute value equations, writing equations of lines, inequalities, and graphing lines.

Here is a clear outline of what your student can expect for Ch. 3 and Ch. 4 in terms of notes/videos.  The topics below will be very similar to titles of Problem Sets and Notes.

Ch. 3 Linear Systems

3.1-3.2    Solving Linear Systems
3.3          Systems of Linear Inequalities
3.4          System of 3 Variables

Ch. 4 Quadratics

4.1-4.2     Graphing Quadratics in Standard, Vertex and Intercept Form
4.3-4.4     Factoring Quadratics
4.5           Square Roots
4.6           Complex Numbers
4.7           Completing the Square
4.8           Quadratic Formula and the Discriminant
4.9           Quadratic Inequalities
4.10         Writing Equations of Quadratics/Modeling

Ch. 5 Polynomials
5.1            Exponent Rules
5.2/5.8      Graphing Polynomial Functions
5.3            Polynomials Operations
5.4            Factoring Polynomials
5.5            Factor and Remainder Theorems
5.6            Rational Zeros
5.7            Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
5.9            Writing Equations of Polynomials and Modeling

Level 4 and 5 proceed at different speeds through this material, but the notes/videos will be the same.  My hope is that the videos and/or class notes will present the core material that is most important for your sons and daughters no matter the level.  I know I've said this before, but its worth repeating.

I hope this helps as I had a conversation with a parent recently about how it appeared that the class was not following the textbook.  It is, and with Ch. 3 and onward the sequencing is very clear and deliberate. 

All the very best to you all,

Patrick Morrissey

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