Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Feedback Form

Today my first class gave feedback on how the year is going so far using my Google Form for anonymous parent and student feedback.  We had just had our first test, and I wanted to pause and give the students a chance to let me know what is working and what needs work.  I need more time to collect the other class' responses, but I can say that having this Google Form may be the single most important small change to my teaching that will yield meaningful results.

Here is one positive comment:  "I think the "check for understanding" and the "Do Nows" are nice and very helpful in making sure that I understand the concepts learned, but are still challenging and make me think. The problem sets are good as well for studying for the test and have everything we need to know. The videos for notes are good because I can re-watch them to study and pause whenever I want to make sure I understand what is going on. "

Here is a useful suggestions about using Notability:  "When you zoom in to write on your iPad I can't see the rest of the page and it's hard to follow the problem. Could you use the magnifying glass instead?"

Here is a counter to the videos..."I don't like the videos as much as notes in class because I feel like if I have a question, I need to hold on to it until tomorrow and usually I forget. Also sometimes when you are doing your video, you will jump to a certain step, like jump a few steps ahead of where you were. When you do that I need to stop the video to try and understand what you were doing.

And then when I read this one in front of the kids it put a big smile on my face..."Out test yesterday was very fair. It seemed like the ideal test for this material as it was challenging, but still do able."

I read over all of these comments with my students today and will work on improving as much as possible.  I really love this new feature of class.  Continuous improvement!

All the best,

Mr. Morrissey

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