Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post Sandy Planning

October 30, 2012

Students and Parents,

See Pacing Guide... for updates...

Wednesday is Day 2, Thursday Day 6, Friday Day 5, Monday Day 1.

Here is a summary of next two classes.

A Block Pre-Calculus:  
Wed: Class.
Thurs: 4.1-4.3 Quiz.

AB Block Algebra II (5)
Thursday: Class
Monday: Quiz on Quadratics

B Block Algebra II (5)
Wed: Class
Friday: Class
Monday Quiz on Quadratics

C Block and E Block Algebra II (4)
Thursday:  Final review for Systems Test.  Bring questions on your last test and try to finish the review sheet from Math Basketball.  We'll review as a class next time.

Monday: Test on Linear Systems.

Looking forward to seeing you all next time. Halloween costumes encouraged.  

My Best,

Mr. Morrissey

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