Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Algebra II (4) Assessment Reflection #3

November 7, 2012

We ended the quarter, on the whole, very strong.  On the Linear Systems Test the average in my two classes was a 91% with a 94% median.  There were 12 perfect scores.  The test was aligned to the new Common Core State Standards for math,   See the data table below and my comments in the last column.    

The major conceptual take away that I don't think has sunk in for every student is that with linear systems the point of intersection can be shown graphically and the same point can be found algebraically using substitution or elimination.  When some students graphed correctly, but didn't find the same intersecting poing using, say, elimination  I was left thinking they didn't see the connection.  

The FSK in the Assessment Data below means "Fundamental Skills Check" and it represents questions that we keep re-testing after reviewing and reteaching with kids.  

Our Next Unit is Quadratics.  Standby for an post/email of the unit outline.  

Finally, here are two great exemplars of students work.  First we have #5 which 57% of students got completely correct (raw score) and 83% correct when partial credit is added.   

Below is a great example of the student making a visual to remind her to distribue the invisible negative 1 TWICE.  Do you see what I am talking about?  

Don't forget about our friend "invisible -1"
My Best,

Patrick Morrissey

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