Sunday, November 4, 2012

Email to Algebra II (5) Parents

November 4, 2012


Tomorrow your son/daughter has a quiz on Quadratics. It will be our last assessment of term 1.  

The topics will include graphing quadratics, factoring, and square roots.  They should also be comfortable with the lowest performing skills on past assessments as I share the data with them and you on EVERY assessment.  

We began our group work on Quadratics this past week and students will be making videos using a program called Educreations using problems from an excellent math database called Art of Problem Solving.   I am hopeful this work will be an exemplar for the entire school!

I think this quiz will end the quarter on a positive note.  On the whole, the students have worked so hard, especially with the iPads.  

My Best,

Patrick Morrissey

p.s. Below is a sample problem from Art of Problem Solving

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