Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Subsitute Plans Mr. Morrissey (11/7)

Wednesday, November 7

Dear Students,

As many of you saw yesterday, my voice was deteriorating during the day.  I am home sick today.

There is no homework tonight as it is Bedford Unplugged night.

Pre-Calculus (4) A Block
The substitute will give you a graphing matching exercise to work on in class. State the domain, range and zeros of each graph.  You may also share the textbooks in the back of the room to finish OTL #4 and/or begin OTL #5.

Algebra II (5) AB Block
Do Problem Set "Complex Numbers I" and "Complex Numbers II."  The two (2) corrections to the answer Key of "Complex Numbers I" are written in blue on the front board.

Algebra II (4)  C Block and E Block
On Moodle there is a section called "Mr. Morrissey is Absent."   Do the Problem Set called "Linear Equations MML."

See you next time.

My Best,

Mr. Morrissey

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