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Algebra II (4) Assessment Reflection #5

December 9, 2012

The latest Quadratics Quiz on material through Completing the Square had a average of 85% and a median of 90%.  We will have one more quiz before the vacation.

Let's look at some student work.

Below,  I've seen this from time to time.  Students ignore the parenthesis and do the wrong operation.
 Below, lots of students wrote their names with exclamation marks!
Below, we cannot forget about the middle terms when expaning (a+b)(a+b).
 Below, I want you to be able to draw rough sketches of equations. Make sure you know how to find x and y intercepts.
Below, this is a beautiful graph with all important information labelled clearly.

Below, nice job expanding, but 2/2 is not 2.

Below, plus or minus when solving by taking square roots is so important to remember.

Below, this student seems to do the problem in her head, but still knows to divide by the  coefficient of the linear term.  Nice work :).

 Below,  when asked to find the roots, zeros, or x intercepts it all means the same thing.
This person needs to go one more step.

Below,  if you are just simplifying a radical, then you do not add the plus or minus.  That was the crux of the entire lesson.  

Below,  let's get in the habit of simplifying expressions.  

Below, and last but not least, this student make smile stressing the importance of the little "plus or minus" when SOLVING by taking square roots.

Please find my Assessment Data for the quiz below.  We'll review in class.

Raw Scores do not account for partial credit. The MCAS and SAT do not use partial credit.

My Best,

Mr. Morrissey

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Extra Help Schedule

December 9, 2012

Dear Student and Parents,

As we approach winter break and then midterms I want to reiterate my extra help schedule.

I can see students before school 7:30-7:50 a.m., X2 (2:00-2:30 p.m.), X5 1:30-2:30 p.m. and after school most Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays.

As I know there are some who are disappointed or upset with the most recent assessment, I suggest you come to see me and we review your work one-on-one.  

Hope to see you soon.

Mr. Morrissey

2nd Quarter Progress Report

Progress Report Grades are posted and for my 4 Algebra II classes reposted to reflect Friday's Assessment.  Remember, NTI means Not Turned in, ABS means you were absent.  These are both calculated as a zero.  EX means excused and does not help or hurt your grade.

Mr. Morrissey

Quadratics Essential Questions....

This post uses key concepts such as common denominators, the idea of "plus or minus" when taking square roots, factoring, and difference of squares.

Algebra II (5) Assessment Reflection #5 (Quadratics Test)

December 9, 2012

Our Quadratics unit ended Friday with our Quadratics Test.  Along the way we had two quizzes, students made 50 videos in teams, and they completed a challenging 20-question Quadratics Problem Set.

 The median was 93 and the average was 89%.  Range was 70-100% with one perfect score.

Let's look at some student work...

Below is excellent example of Completing the Square, in pen no less.

Below is a graphing problem. Do you see the sign error?  Is this graph pointing up or down?
 Below,  Although correct, it is easier to divide 34 by 4 and then use the remainder to find the answer.

Here is the Assessment Data.  These problems will return in future assessments, including the midterm.  

My Best,

Mr. Morrissey

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Last year two of my students attended and they got in off waiting list.  If interested sign out now.

Mr. Morrissey

NPR: Face Blindness

Listened to almost this entire piece this weekend while in the car.

 Mr. Morrissey

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