Monday, January 14, 2013

Algebra II (4) Review for Midterm

January 14, 2013

Algebra II 4/5 Midterm

Ch. 1-2:  Absolute value, inequalities, and most importantly equations of lines
Ch. 3: System of Equations
Ch. 4 Quadratics
Ch. 5 Polynomials (Level 5 only)

Advice:  Review all old assessments and look at my assessment reflections on my blog. Answer keys of assessments on Moodle.  The problems in this document will be tough, but should be doable. 

Part 1: Multiple Choice 25ish questions on core material for all levels.
Part 2:  Level 4 or 5 Multiple Choice Problems
Part 3:  Open Response Problems

Level 4 Assessments:
Fundamental Operations Quiz
Linear Equations Test
Systems Test
4.1-4.2 Quadratics Quiz
Completing the Square Quiz
Complex Numbers Quiz
Quadratics Test

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