Thursday, March 28, 2013

Algebra II Assessment Reflection

March 18, 2013

Algebra II (5) Parents,

We've had our Radicals/Rationals test and the results are really great.  The median is a 94 and the average was a 91.  This is for 27 students.  That being said, if you look at the "raw" column of my data spreadsheet large groups of students in Level 5 still making mistakes that are costing them points.   The green column is the data with partial credit.  I emphasize with students how much of their work is correct, but there is still room for improvement.  In the sign errors and algebra where tiny mistakes are made.  Continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence!

Nevertheless, I am really happy with these results.

Patrick Morrissey

p.s. This report is being released on March 28 because I had students who had not finished the test.  The MCAS period delayed this.

Here is some great work.  Three different methods to solve the same problem...AC Method, Long Division, and Synthetic Division.  A fourth method is to factor.  

Below,  Nice work remembering to check for "extraneous" solutions. 

Below, this student has the habit of mind to check her work!.

Below, great work making sure to factor the numerator to look for a possible "hole."

 Below,  this student tried to factor a non-quadratic.  

Below, this expression needs a small simplification.  Do you see it?


Thursday, March 7, 2013

All Algebra II students

Dear Parents,

With the English MCAS soon upon us I want you to know in Algebra II Levels 4 and 5 we will do at least one entire practice test and also a mini unit on Probability and Statistics to prepare for MCAS math.  I have found that reviewing Geometry is useful to students as they haven't done it for some time.

If our in-class review is not sufficient there will also be MCAS Academics outside of class time for extra practice.  I will provide the schedule to the students and to you when it is confirmed.

In all of my Algebra II classes there will be a test on Friday (3/15) (Thursday for B Block), and then the MCAS begin the following week.  Homework during MCAS week will be less.

Please do not hesitate to write or call about your MCAS questions or concerns.

All the best,

Patrick Morrissey

p.s. Ask your son our daughter to explain the problem below.  Last year 53% of BHS students answered this question correctly. It has to do with the point-slope form of a line.

The answer is B.