Sunday, April 28, 2013

Algebra II Videos and MCAS

April 28, 2013

Dear Parents,

Two topics condensed into one email.

  1. The MCAS Math for 10th grade is two weeks away on May 13/14 (Mon/Tuesday).  In class we've taken a practice test, and completed a unit on Probability and Statistics.  In the next two weeks we'll review the results together.  Please encourage your son or daughter to come X block for extra MCAS practice.  
  2. For Level 5 we are finishing our unit on Logs/Exponentials and we have not had any videos.  After our test I plan to solicit feedback from students via my Google Form on how this unit compares to past units with videos.  Students are adaptable for sure, but what is the optimal learning experience?  In Level 4 we are finishing Rational Functions and there are videos, but I am teaching the material in class and deemphasizing the videos. I will also solicit feedback about this experience.  I am constantly trying to improve from feedback.
Level 4 Rational Functions Test on Tuesday (30th)
Level 5 Logs Test on Monday May 6.  

The end of the year will soon be upon us.  

My best,

Patrick Morrissey

p.s. I plan to make a Google Form to solicit feedback from you too!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sequences and Series....

As we begin the Sequence and Series Unit, work on this problem whenever you find you are "done." Mr. Morrissey p.s. Think problem came to me from a fellow educator on Twitter!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Algebra II (4) Update

April 2, 2013

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow your son/daughter has a quiz on graphing rational functions. We've spent 3 classes practicing this material including two practice quizzes.  I am hopeful for this quiz and ending the quarter on a positive note.  There was a real engaged and communal spirit in both classes today.

I'd like to tell you of a new feature of class that I believe will really help us.  I have a giant sized poster of this unit's objectives that I made collaboratively with the other 2 Algebra II (4) teachers that summarizes the four key objectives the students will be able to show mastery of.  It serves as a great reference point for me during classes.

As always, reach out to me if you have a concern about your child.

All the best,

Patrick Morrissey

Algebra II (5) update...


On Wednesday (tomorrow) we'll have a quiz on Exponentials Functions, and the following Wednesday we'll have a quiz on logs and log properties.  I want to spend adequate time on this new unit and I did not want the coming vacation to rush us.  For your information the 3rd quarter ends tomorrow.  

I am trying this unit to teach without videos and at the end of the unit I will use my feeback form to get the students input on what they liked and did not like.  I am looking forward to it.  

All the best,