Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to School Night

Back to School, 2013

Welcome Parents, 

Algebra II (3), Algebra II (4) and Trig/Stats (4)

About me: 
This is my 5th year in Bedford.  I taught in Lawrence, MA for two years before BHS.  I taught English in China for 3 years.  

Contact Information:, or call (781) 275-1700 Extension 8018. Twitter:  @pmm888

Class Blog:

Important Topics:
  • Missed work:  All on Dropbox (Moodle for Trig/Stats).  Google Calendar has my agendas and homework assignments.  You can have access to my calendars! See post on August 30, 2013 on my blog.  
  • ASPEN:  Grades and attendance posted on a regular basis. Public immediately. ABS=Absent, EX=Excused, NTI=Not Turned in.
  • Calculator: Recommend; at least scientific calculator. More info at the BHS Math Web Site.  
  • Textbook: May leave at home. I will provide an outline of where we are in the textbook.  Each unit has defined Objectives shared with students. 
  • As a department we have worked to align out units to the Common Core in Algebra II, and we are working toward a digital curriculum.   
  • Extra Help: X block, Tuesdays after school, mornings from 7:20 a.m.  Ask for advanced notice. Email is fine. 

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