Saturday, October 22, 2016

Questions Asked 10/21/16

  • When will we have large tests?
    • At least once a quarter. This quarter was 5 quizzes and 1 test.  
  • When is it best to use the first derivative test vs. second derivative test [for local extrema]?  
    • Whenever possible use first derivative test.  
  • When will we get to integrals?
    • November. Are you in a rush? 
  • Do we still need to remember the limit definition of derivative?
    • Yes, but L'Hospital's Rule will help with this soon.  
  • How prominent are related rates on the AP exam?  
    • Varies from year to year.  I'd say at least a multiple choice question. 
  • Do we need to remember the second derivative test?  
    • Yes. 
  • "So like you can use the first derivative for relative maxima and minima and the second derivative for concavity, right?  
    • Yes. Make sure you can explain in a sentence why max/mis and points of inflection exist. 

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